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ISO 9001 Responsibilities of Top Management

The following list outlines the key responsibilities that management must carry out during the design and implementation of the system, and during the maintenance and improvement of the system. Remember that you will need to provide evidence to registration auditors to demonstrate your role in fulfilling each of these responsibilities.

During Design and Implementation

  • Establish the quality policy.
  • Ensure that quality objectives are established at all relevant levels of the organization.
  • Ensure availability of resources.
  • Ensure that the planning of the quality system is carried out to meet the requirements of the standard and the quality objectives.
  • Ensure that responsibilities, authorities and their interrelation are defined and communicated.
  • Ensure that appropriate communication is established within the organization and effectiveness of the quality management system is communicated.

After Registration

Summary of management actions and benefits:

  1. Define ‘quality’ in the form of objectives to help internal communication of what is to be achieved (product and service requirements, process effectiveness and efficiency, customer perception etc.)
  2. Show that the business is central to the system: use your normal business language, not ‘quality’ or ISO 9001 terms.
  3. Produce a simple top-level, “big picture” of your business processes to show how the system improves results by focusing on the improvement of processes.
  4. Demonstrate your commitment to continual improvement by focusing on the next improvement and by taking it seriously.
  5. Show that the ‘quality’ approach is becoming instituted by integrating reviews into normal management cycles.
  6. Ensure that records are turned visibly into management information so that people keeping them understand their importance.

Save time, buy our “Management Responsibility” procedure which outlines the responsibilities of Top Management and describes a process to meet the requirements.

  • The procedure lays out a method of identifying quality goals and objectives and
    measuring and monitoring against those goals.
  • It also describes an effective management review process.
  • Includes useful forms like:
    • F-500-001 QMS Monitoring, Measuring and Analysis Table
    • F-500-002 Key Process Master List
    • F-560-001 Management Review Agenda
    • F-560-002-Management Review Checklist
    • F-824-001 Product Realization Monitoring, Measuring and Analysis Table
    • A-500-001 Quality Policy
  • Includes Several Flow Charts:
    • FD-5.0 Management responsibility
    • FD-510 Quality policy, objectives & principles
    • FD-540 QMS planning process
    • FD-545 Quality objectives planning
  • This procedure has been used in many successfully registered organizations.
  • By starting your system design using this procedure, you will save time and resources that would be spent designing your procedure from scratch. You also benefit from the years of experience that our consultants (Registered Lead Assessors) have and used in designing this procedure.

We offer a complete list of procedures and a quality manual that you can use to design your system. The procedures are in Microsoft Word and are simple to edit. We give technical support all of our customers, answering questions on the standard and on your project by email.

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