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Step 6: Implement the ISO 9001 QMS

Put the ISO 9001 QMS into Action

We finished our documentation, now what?

Congratulations on completing your QMS design and documentation! This is a good time to celebrate, and to communicate appreciation and kudos to everyone involved!

The next step in your project is to use and improve your QMS:

Follow Documented Procedures and Work Instructions

Everyone in your organization should be performing processes following your documented procedures and work instructions, complying with the QMS requirements.

Make Improvements to the Processes

Many of these procedures may be new to your organization, or have changed significantly during your ISO 9001 project. Now that they are actually in use, you will most likely find areas that can be improved. Make improvements using the Nonconformance and Corrective Action process and the document revision process.

Conduct Internal Audits

Schedule internal audits to cover all areas of the organization before your registration audit. Allow time to take corrective action on any findings. A robust and effective internal audit program is one of the best tools to finding and correcting shortcomings in the QMS before your registration audit. You will need to train a team of internal auditors. The Internal Auditor Training Materials Package allows you to do that yourself, in-house. Otherwise, you can search for internal auditor training courses available online or in your area.

Hold Management Review Meetings

Management Review is another key factor in getting the new QMS ready for a registration audit. Review information from internal audits, results of measuring and monitoring the QMS, nonconformities and corrective actions. Initiate corrective actions and improvement projects to address nonconformities and make improvements to the QMS.

Keep Records

During the registration audit, the auditor will be looking for evidence that you are complying with the requirements of ISO 9001 and of your QMS. This evidence is in the form of records and interviews with employees. Run your system for several months before your registration audit so there are sufficient records for the auditor to evaluate.


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