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ISO 9000 Series of Quality Standards


The ISO 9000 family of standards is the exact same standard across the globe even though they are called by different names. Each member country has their own entity authorized by ISO to manage the standards, but they are all the same exact ISO 9000 quality documents and set of requirements.

What is the ISO 9000 Series of Quality Management System Standards?

The ISO 9000 series of quality – related documents was created by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) as international requirements for quality management systems. Now that ISO 9000 is in more than 178 countries with over one million registrations it is common in the business world.

Originally introduced as ISO 9000:1987, the ISO 9000 standards are a set of international quality management system standards and guidelines. The term ISO 9000 refers to a group of quality management standards which are process standards (not product standards).

  • ISO 9000 Fundamentals and Vocabulary referenced in all ISO 9000 Standards.
  • ISO 9001 contains the requirements an organization must comply with to become ISO 9001 certified.
  • ISO 9002 provided guidelines for the application of ISO 9001:2015, now obsolete.
  • ISO 9003 was a model for quality assurance in final inspection and test, now obsolete. 
  • ISO 9004 provides guidelines for sustaining an organization’s success.

ISO 9001 lists requirements, while the other standards in the 9000 family provide guidelines and information. People often say “ISO 9000 certified“, but what they mean is they have met the requirements of the ISO 9001 standard. Read more about ISO 9001 Certification.

The series is not industry specific and is applicable to any manufacturing or service organization. It is managed by Technical Committee (TC) 176, comprised of international members from many industries and backgrounds.

What are the older (obsolete) ISO 9000 Quality Standards?

ISO 9000 (1994) originally had three QMS models depending on the primary function:

  • ISO 9001:1994 Model for quality assurance in design, development, production,
    installation, and servicing was for companies and organizations whose activities included the creation of new products.
  • ISO 9002:1994 Model for quality assurance in production, installation, and servicing had basically the same material as ISO 9001 but without covering the creation of new products. Learn more about ISO 9002.
  • ISO 9003:1994 Model for quality assurance in final inspection and test covered only the final inspection of finished product, with no concern for how the product was produced. Learn more about ISO 9003.

All of these were combined into ISO 9001:2000, which was updated to ISO 9001:2008 and is now ISO 9001:2015.

What Standards support the ISO 9000 quality family?

Other ISO quality standards were created to support the ISO 9000 family, and not all start with ISO 9xxx:

Standards based upon ISO 9001

There are other ISO quality standards created based up the 9000 family:

ISO 9001 All in One Package