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Step 3b: ISO Implementation Steering Team

ISO 9001 Steering Team

Determine who will be on the team, including top management. Answer these questions:

  • Who will be able to decide which employees will be assigned tasks?
  • Will they know whether the employees’ workload will be able to accommodate the assigned tasks?
  • Who is responsible for resources and can make resources available to the ISO 9001 project?
  • How often should the ISO 9001 Steering Team meet?

Prepare your Agenda:

  • Explain the Implementation Steps to the team.
  • Download and use the PowerPoint presentation ISO 9001 Implementation.
  • Assign the tasks to individuals or teams. Complete the Task Team Assignments Table.
  • Review the responsibilities to make sure that they are well dispersed, not assigned heavily to one group or one individual.
  • For each team identify a team leader. It works very well to have a member of the ISO Steering Team as a leader for each of the Task Group teams. It provides good communication between the teams and the ISO Steering Team throughout the project.
  • Determine resources required for completion of the tasks.
  • Will teams or individuals need assistance with other responsibilities during the ISO 9001 project?
  • What kind of technical guidance will be needed to allow these teams or individuals to complete the tasks efficiently and effectively?

Assign Dates to Tasks and Complete the Gantt Chart

  • Stagger start dates according to resources available.
  • Determine which tasks you need to complete in the beginning to allow others to build on, for example: Management Responsibility. Complete the Quality Policy and Quality Objectives as well as identifying key processes and their interrelation early on in the project.
  • Estimate the amount of time needed to complete each task based on the amount of resources available to the task.

ISO 9001 Steering Team Responsibilities

  • Identify team members for each procedure.
  • Assign target start date and completion date for each team.
  • Identify training needs for employees and schedule training sessions.
  • Meet on a regular basis to evaluate progress, answer questions for the teams and evaluate resource needs for the implementation.
  • Review and approve procedures as they are finalized.
  • Evaluate and choose a registrar.


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