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Customer Satisfaction

Why and how to monitor and review customer satisfaction?

Customer satisfaction is essential for the success of your organization. For this reason, customer focus is one of the quality principles at the foundation of the ISO 9001 standard. Many organizations consider customer satisfaction a key indicator of corporate health. There is a correlation between high levels of customer satisfaction and high levels of customer loyalty, which in turn lead to increased levels of profitability. When considered over a lifetime of transactions, the value of a single loyal customer is far greater than that of any transient customer. 

In addition, a loyal customer is more likely to buy related products and services, recommend the organization to prospective customers, be more pleasant to deal with and more forgiving when problems arise. To compound the matter further, the American Consumer Association stated that it was five times more expensive to win a new customer than to keep an existing one. All things considered, the impact of customer retention, and ultimately customer satisfaction, on company profits cannot be ignored. Enhanced customer satisfaction is one of the many benefits of ISO 9001 certification

In order to know if customers are satisfied, an organization needs to have a method for obtaining, monitoring, and reviewing this information. Many organizations will use surveys to obtain customer satisfaction data, but other methods can include meetings with customers, market-share analysis, warranty claims, or dealer reports. After the data is collected, this information needs to be monitored and reviewed. For example, customer survey data could be a scorecard metric that is reviewed during scheduled meetings.

The customer survey and analysis template included in our Forms Package will help your organization meet the requirements around customer satisfaction. 

ISO/TS 10004:2012 provides guidelines to help an organization define and implement processes to monitor and measure customer satisfaction.

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