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ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Training Materials

Train your internal audit team affordably, in-house.


We offer both Online and Downloadable Internal Auditor Training. 

Trainer's Guide with notes for PowerPoints

Student Guide includes quizzes

Student Guide includes quizzes and room for notes

Includes a case study of mock company

This is more than just ISO certification-related presentations – we’ve created interactive training modeled after the Certified Lead Auditor Program. You will audit a mock company, and discuss the findings with the students. This kit includes Auditing notes, Work Instructions, Corrective/Preventative Action logs, CAPA Requests, etc.

Use this training course to train your auditors and give them practice with each step of the audit process. Use it over and over within your organization.

This complete training package provides you with the course content and information you need to present an interactive training for your ISO 9001 Internal Audit Team. Exemplar Global Compliant

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**Now Available! ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Online Training.

The training course is really two parts – to give the students a thorough understanding of the internal auditing process:

  1. The training course covers the ISO 9001:2015 Standard, gives the students a chance to work with it and get familiar with the requirements.
  2. It then guides the students through the audit process of a mock company. They will prepare an audit plan, conduct opening meetings, audit documents, and records, document their findings, hold a closing meeting and write the audit report.
  3. Your Trainer will have everything they need to present the ISO training.
The agenda for the training course looks like this:

Guide to Internal Auditing PowerPoint (15 min). This section outlines the basics of auditing as a foundation

    • Types of Audits
    • Why Audit?
    • Who Can Audit?
    • How to perform an Internal Audit

Review of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard (45 min). This section reviews the standard, to help understand its structure. Copy of ISO 9001 Standard is NOT included. Buy Copy of Standard

    • Exercise: Is it a Requirement? (Get familiar with the standard)

Requirements of ISO 9001:2015 PowerPoint (3 hours). This section covers a clause by Clause Review of the ISO 9001 Standard

    • The Process Model/Process Approach
    • What are the requirements of ISO 9001:2015?
    • Exercise: Find the Requirement (Tests comprehension)

Steps of an ISO 9001 Internal Audit PowerPoint (allow 4-8 hours). This section covers a complete audit of a mock company (Quality Tool, Inc.). The instructor has a detailed guide to the non-conformances in the QMS for grading.

    • Scheduling the Audit
    • Planning the Audit
    • Opening Meeting
      • Audit 5.2 Quality Policy
      • Audit 8.1 Operational planning and control
      • Audit 8.2 Customer Related Processes
      • Audit 8.4 Control of External providers
      • Audit 10.2 Nonconformity and Corrective Action
      • Audit 9.3 Management Review
    • Auditors Document Findings
    • Final Audit Report
    • Closing Meeting
    • Creating the Audit File
  • Guide to Internal Auditing PowerPoint (33 Slides)
  • Requirements of ISO 9001:2015 Standard PowerPoint (131 Slides)
  • Steps of an Internal Audit PowerPoint (34 Slides)
  • Comprehensive Trainer’s Guide (212 pages)
    • Includes Detailed Speaker Notes to Accompany PowerPoints
    • Answer Key for Exercises and Non-Conformance Details
  • Student Manual (100 pages)
    • Section for taking notes
    • Exercises
  • Case Study Materials for mock company Quality Tool, Inc.
    • QMS, PO’s, Org Chart, and other data from Quality Tool, Inc., a company that needs an Internal Audit from your team.
  • Internal Audit Forms to conduct the practice audit
  • Customizable Certificate of Completion
  • Group Training Record
  • Includes Technical Support


  • Copies of the ISO 9001:2015 Standard (one copy for each two or three students)

➢Standards are available electronically from http://www.techstreet.org

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