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What is an ISO 9001 Quality Manual?

NOTE: These requirements have changed. Please read How to document for ISO 9001:2015.

All the previous versions of ISO 9001 (ISO 9001:2000, ISO 9001:2008, etc) required a Quality manual as the first level of documentation in a Quality Management System. Organizations would combine the Quality Manual and Procedures into one manual, and refer to it as a quality manual. Read about ISO 9001:2008 Documentation Requirements.  Now that has changed

What does ISO 9000 Quality Manual Include?

  1. It fully describes the scope of QMS i.e. what should be included in the Quality system.
  2. It completely explains each and every requirement of the ISO 9001 Standard
  3. It contains complete detail and explanation of exclusions i.e. what should be eliminated in the Quality System
  4. It contains references for the quality procedures used to describe all the QMS processes.
  5. A flow chart represent the series and interaction of your key business processes
  6. The organization’s quality policies which shows that the organization is strictly committed to quality

Primary Uses of Quality Manual

  • To communicate management’s expectations for quality to the organization
  • To reveal the organization conformity with ISO 9001 requirements
  • To serve as a measure for compliance to management’s expectations for:
    • Internal audits
    • ISO Registrar audits
    • Customer audits

Benefits of Purchasing an ISO 9001 Quality Manual

  1. Quality Assurance Manual helps in designing the quality management processes to build up the effective quality management system in the organization
  2. Organizations can implement a successful quality management system without a consultant
  3. It helps to lead an organization to continuous improvement
  4. Project managers can lead their companies in a better and efficient way
  5. Save time and money during implementing of IS0 9001 Quality System
  6. Successful and easy registration


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