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Define the Scope of your ISO 9001:2008 QMS

You must define the scope of your Quality Management System – what parts of the organization are included in the QMS. Some organizations with multiple functions (service and production) may choose to only include certain parts of the organization within the scope of the QMS, with a plan to add other areas later on.

The QMS scope should include:

  • Physical Locations
    • example: Manufacturing only, not sales locations
  • Products and/or services controlled by the QMS
    • example: Manufacturing but not installation
  • Processes within the QMS
    • example: Accounting may be left out
  • ISO 9001 Exclusions (only permissible in Section 7 and must be justified)
    • example: if you do not design, you can skip parts of 7.3

This will also assist your Registrar estimate the length of your audit, and is particularly useful for those organizations with multiple Management Systems (ISO 9001 and AS9100, etc.)

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