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Benefits of Online Training

Online training is providing many organizations with the opportunity to train their employees effectively & efficiently. The 9000 Store offers several courses offering the following benefits:

  • Convenient – learn at your own pace, quickly or take your time. You’re always in control of learning where & when you want with unlimited access 24/7. It allows each and every student to work through the training at suitable times in its work schedule.
  • Affordable – Companies can save over 50% due to elimination of travel expenses. Computer based ISO 9001 training reduces the amount of time workers need to be away from their scheduled work.
  • Immediate – Because training can be delivered via the Internet, e-Learning allows people to begin their training now, with just a few mouse clicks.
  • Proven and Certified – Our training provides awareness & understanding of how to implement a new quality management system.
    • Some of our courses earn Continuing Education Units (CEU’s) for successfully completing online learning.
    • If the student completes a course with 70% or better, then the certificate of completion button appears on the final page, so the student can print a professional certificate of completion.
  • Easy to Use – you only need an internet browser from a PC, Mac, or any browser.
  • Interactive – It is an interactive training with presentation slides, audio and quizzes which will educate the employees on the quality standard, what it is and what it requires. This will increase efficiency, productivity, and profitability in the organization

ISO 9001 All in One Package