Step 1: Prepare Your Organization

Learn about ISO 9001

You need an understanding of the ISO 9000 quality management family of standards as well as some basics on quality management systems and the implementation process. These should help:

Understanding ISO 9001 Training will help you learn more about how to implement ISO9001(and related ISO 9000 training) in your organization.

Use ISO 9001 Presentation Materials to review the complete standard with your organization.

Free tutorial: Basics of ISO 9001

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Why ISO 9001 Registration Needs Management’s Commitment

While most decisions to seek ISO 9001 certification come from the company’s top managers, gaining the true value from the program needs much more of their support. Increasingly, successful companies use ISO 9001 to improve overall operations and to enfranchise all stakeholders, including suppliers and customers. Why ISO 9001 can fulfill this role has a lot to do with the goals that upper managers set for the program, and the tools they provide to integrate it into existing business operations. Companies that use inputs from customers and suppliers often see the largest gains in overall value from ISO 9001:2008 certification. While it may seem obvious, many certification efforts are undermined by the lack of priority given to them among the company’s daily activities. By realizing why ISO 9001 certification can contribute directly to profits, much faster and more complete results can be obtained. Specific internal and external goals to be reached from the program can include:

  • Exploiting new opportunities, not just reacting to market dictates or competition
  • Fully supporting the concept of a repeatable, continuously improving quality system
  • Increased profitability, efficiency, customer satisfaction, supplier participation and employee involvement, and lower overall costs and liability
  • Faster problem solving and more useable data to help make improvements
  • Better communications, both internally and outside the organization (with key stakeholders inlcuding investors, customers, suppliers and sometimes regulators)
  • Increased respect and enthusiasm for what the company does and how it participates in its markets and in the communities in which it has a major presence

Why ISO 9001 is Wanted and Needed

Market Pressure

Many organizations decide to Implement ISO 9000 quality management approaches and obtain ISO 9001 registration because it assures customers that the company has a good Quality Management System (QMS) in place. Many organizations require their suppliers to have ISO9001 Registration. The concept of executing an ISO 9000 quality process allows companies to have access to a wider market for their products, particularly in the international arena, but also within their own countries. But that is just part of the reason why ISO 9001 is increasingly in demand.

Internal Effectiveness and Productivity Benefits

Other organizations implement an ISO 9001 QMS under the many related ISO 9000 quality standards because it has proven over the years that it leads companies to better operations, improved performance, and improved profitability. (There areother standards in the series known as ISO 9000:2005, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 9004:2009 being the most current.)

The Bottom Line Benefits of ISO 9000 Quality Disciplines and ISO 9001 QMS…


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