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Transferring Your ISO 9001 Certification

If you are looking to transfer your certification to a different registrar (Certification Body), we will walk you through the straight forward process.

If you are ready to find a registrar that will meet your needs fill out our form and we will provide you with the information you need to transfer your certification.

Organizations every day are looking to transfer their certification to a different registrar, usually because customer service and satisfaction is lacking, or for other reasons. If you are unsatisfied with your registrar, or would like to work with another company, we are going to walk you through the steps to transfer your certification.



In order to transfer your certification, the current certification must be accredited by an IAF or Regional MLA. If you are holding a certification from a registrar that is not covered by such accreditations, then you should reach out to a registrar as a new client. If your accreditation is suspended, you are not allowed to transfer. If your registrar let their accreditation expire, the organization must transfer to a new registrar within 6 months, if longer than 6 months the organization will not qualify as a transfer and will be treated as a new client.


Step 1 – Send us some basic information about your organization or, use our easy form to send it to up to 3 registrars.

Step 2 – Expect to receive a prompt quotation or a follow up call.

Step 3 – Once the quotation is approved by your organization, the registrar should contact you to discuss an audit timeline based on your next surveillance audit or your recertification audit that would normally have been conducted by your current registrar.

Step 4 – When the audit date is set, the registrar will ask you to send your transfer documentation. This would include previous audit reports and current certificate.

Step 5 – The auditor(s) conduct the audit and issue to the client any non-conformances for corrective action response.

Step 7 – Following the review and approval by the registrar, they issue a new certificate. This step usually takes a few days.

Step 8 – An organization’s certification is then posted to a public registration database.

If you want to read more about registrars visit our Registrar Resource Center.

If you are ready to make the transfer and are looking for a highly recommended registrar, fill out our form and we will point you in the right direction.


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