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Things to Consider when Selecting a Registrar

When selecting a certification body (Registrar) for ISO 9001 certification, you should consider cost, accreditation, experience, and timing.

When selecting a registrar, you will also want to consider the auditors’ knowledge and experience. Auditors lacking in knowledge or experience may be at a disadvantage and could have a negative impact on your audit results.

It is surprising how many organizations are ISO “certified” by a non-accredited registrar and none the wiser. In the United States, ANAB is the internationally recognized accreditation body for registrars. Some of your customers may even require your registrar to be accredited in order for them to recognize your certification. Accreditation also means there is another governing body that is ensuring the registrar is acting ethically and in accordance with ISO/IEC 17021. Therefore, the number one priority you should consider when selecting a registrar is ensuring they are accredited.

ISO certification can be costly. Your organization’s size, number of facilities and location all contribute to the cost of certification associated with your registrar. Larger organizations will require additional audit time, which will increase costs. Travel expenses are also factored into certification costs. Selecting a registrar nearest to your organization or one with a local auditor will most likely lower your costs. Obtain quotes from several registrars to determine which are most economical for your organization.

Though cost, accreditation, experience, and timing are all important factors when selecting a registrar you may also want to consider how well they will work with you. In the event that there is an issue or you need to contest/appeal an in-accurately documented nonconformance or audit report, it is beneficial to work with a professional and open-minded registrar. Interview registrars prior to selection to see if they will be a good fit for your organization. You can also evaluate registrars using our Registrar Checklist.


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