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List of ISO 9000 Registered Companies

We are often asked for a list of ISO 9001 Certified Companies, but we are not related to ISO in any way.  Some Registrars provide a database of their customers on their own websites, it is recommended to try their websites.

However, it is difficult to maintain a list of ISO 9001 registered companies because:

  • There is not a single body that registers organizations worldwide. ISO does not register people, an accredited Registrar does. (List Below). Here are the levels of oversight for ISO certification.
  • It is only a 3-year certification – companies may switch registrars after 3 years and this becomes increasingly difficult to track. Read about Registrar Basics
  • Companies may be registered by several organizations for different standards.
  • It costs money to maintain a list like this.
  • Each company that is registered must go through a rigorous initial process including creating a complete and functioning quality management system or QMS, which they may not actually complete in full.
  • Providing a list releases private customer information to the public.

To understand the relationship, see: Who is eligible to grant ISO 9001 Certification? If you would like to learn more general information, including ISO training, you can explore our what is ISO.

Currently, there is no comprehensive list of certified ISO 9001 companies.

ISO Registrars

ISO 2015 resources

Download a complete list of ISO Registrars for all of the major ISO standards.


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