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Webinar Recap On Potential 9001:2008 Internal Audit Strategy Changes

This informational webinar covers the key points you need to know to audit to the revision of the ISO 9000 2008 standard. You will learn how to keep your Audit Team up to speed.
  • A clause-specific comparison between the two revisions, highlighting major differences between ISO 9001:2000 and the 2008 versions and their importance to effective certification
  • What internal auditors must know to correctly audit to the new revision’s emphasis areas
  • The method to interpret and help apply the revisions to your own in-place quality management system design

Since it has been introduced, the new standard has brought about a variety of changes that you may need to address such as:

  • A greater emphasis on well documented procedures and establishing proper record-keeping, even ahead of results reporting – and who may have responsibility for these actions
  • More emphasis on satisfying regulatory and customer requirements as part of the ongoing quality process
  • Inclusion of factors such as identifying risks and change, plus the environment of the organization as a whole in the quality management system
  • Evidence of more direct control over outsourced and subcontract materials, parts and services
  • More specific types of customer satisfaction monitoring are provided for suggested use

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This seminar is part of our On-Demand offering, which offers the convenience of listing when and where you want – often at reduced rates from the original live webinar offering. On Demand from the 9000 store gives allows you to:

  • Listen any time on any web-enabled device
  • Extremely affordable, especially compared to onsite training
  • Thousands of topics and choices
  • Contact with instructors and leaders via email to ask questions later

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Learning The Best From The Best: Bringing A World Of Quality Expertise To A Computer Near You

This seminar brings together quality systems implementation from some of the most experienced into a tightly packed tutorial. Be a part of a discussion with those who have helped hundreds of organizations (from very small to some of the largest in the world) both implement and maintain ISO and related certifications. Here’s your chance to be like those who participated originally, as they untangle the often complex and confusing process of applying ISO mandated internal auditing in a direct, simple, and collaborative manner.

This webinar is one you and your organization will benefit from whether it’s as a quality manager or other quality department member, company top management or anyone else who will need to have input to or perform ISO 9001 internal auditing.


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