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ISO 9004 provides a wider focus on quality management than ISO 9001. It addresses the needs and expectations of all relevant interested parties. It also provides guidance for the systematic and continual improvement of your organization's overall performance. The checklist is an implementation tool that complements the use of ISO 9004 within your organization.

ISO 9004 will provide your organization with guidance and support to achieve sustained success by a quality management approach. It can be used by any organization, regardless of size, type and activity.

However, what constitutes physical evidence to meet the guidance outlined in ISO 9004 is sometimes difficult to identify. To bridge this gap, our experts have identified items of physical evidence called out in the standard based on their knowledge of the document and their experience in the quality field. Each item of physical evidence that was identified by these experts is listed in the checklist as; policy, procedure, plan, records, document or reviews.

ISO 9004 promotes self-assessment as an important tool for the review of the maturity level of an organization. This self-assessment can provide an overall view of the performance of an organization and degree of maturity of their management system. To aid in this transition from physical evidence to maturity level, the checklist identifies the maturity level associated with each piece of physical evidence called out in the checklist. Since the standard does not assign a maturity level to an item of physical evidence, our experts have assigned a maturity level to each piece of physical evidence listed. This assigning of maturity level was based on the expert knowledge of the standard and their experience in the quality field.

To support the use of ISO 9004:2009 this checklist is constructed around a classification scheme of physical evidence comprised of policies, procedures, plans, records, documents, and reviews. There are over 250 suggested items of physical evidence. In this checklist "manuals, reports, scripts and specifications" are included in the document category.


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iso 9004 checklist

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