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 Risk-Based Thinking Training

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Students will be able to:

  • Identify, assess and evaluate potential risks (whether they are threats or opportunities).
  • Prioritize potential targets.
  • Gain insight on how to develop action plans for high priority targets.
  • Measure and track the effectiveness and progress of action taken.
  • Initiate control plans to curb similar risks in the future.
  • Establish a comprehensive risk management process.

Intended Audience: Managers, supervisors, process owners, engineers who participate in developing business plans and improving operations.
Time To Complete: 4 hours (0.4 CEUs)

Recommended Prerequisites: None.


Risk-Based Thinking training covers how to develop and conduct a risk management process in seven lessons. The initial lesson highlights industry standards that now incorporate risk-based thinking. The next five lessons lead learners through the five phases of risk-based thinking. The final lesson in the course explores a sample risk management process complete with forms to track and document risks identified and mitigated (if they are unacceptable threats) or identified and capitalized upon (if they are worthwhile opportunities).


What is Risk-Based Thinking?

Both industry-wide and industry-specific standards have incorporated risk-based thinking into their requirements. Some standards call for assessing risks levels and taking action to deal with risks that are identified, others call for organizations to define risk management protocols. But, in all cases, the underlying premise of risk-based thinking is that organizations should be considering risks as they develop plans, review business results and take corrective action. The intent is for the organization, to identify the risk, decide what (if any) action is required and then act.

These courses provide:
  • 30 Days Access to Training
  • 30 Days Extension Available
  • Study Guide in PDF Format
  • Certificate of Completion
All courses also feature:
  • Tracking of training including student test scores and bookmarks.
  • Complete documentation for ISO 9001 (and other standards) required records.
  • With our web-based training, you can manage students for an entire corporation through one web-based account.
  • Media-rich presentation including full audio and graphics.
  • Exercises throughout to help reinforce learning.
  • Solid technical content presented in an interesting and informative way.
  • Complete student control to navigate through the program in a way that best meets the needs of the student.
  • Certificates are awarded upon successful completion of courses providing documentation of Continuing Education Units that can be used for various professional certifications.

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