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BSI Entropy Software

A Business Improvement Solution for Large and Small Businesses Alike

Quality management system solutions like BSI Entropy™ help businesses improve productivity by simplifying standards compliance, automating checks and balances, increasing accountability, and offering a variety of different data collection tools for comprehensive information analysis. While larger businesses have traditionally been the benefactors of these platforms, it is the competitive pricing, expanded functionality, and online delivery and maintenance approaches that are making them more appealing to small and medium-sized businesses. This is a profile of one of the more advanced offerings from quality standards giant BSI, known as Entropy™.

“A good technology-based QMS helps manage systems beyond quality. It allows easy tracking of all actions as well as the sharing of key data with internal and external stakeholders.”

Rob Harrison, BSI global product manager

The business improvement suite offers solutions for improving quality at reduced costs with a user-friendly interface and many scalable and conformable options, making it the ideal quality management framework for those who wish to gain and maintain their quality management certifications as well as cultivate their organization’s overall quality levels.

The Extreme Value of a Technology-Driven Quality Management System

The core of a Quality Management System (QMS) is to provide a repeatable, dependable set of actions that when executed properly will produce a predictable level of quality. However, when quality-related personnel (and technically that’s just about everyone) must expend precious resources – whether time, money, or both – constantly performing tasks that could be automated in some way. This includes documenting, retrieving, reporting, observing, investigating and even some forms of training. Data-driven quality management systems provide the ability to go beyond maintaining quality into continuous quality improvement, often in ways no one could see before without the ability to recognize both broad and detailed patterns. By employing an integrated, data-based quality management regiment, precious quality resources can be freed to perform higher order tasks. The organization also gains a repository of knowledge that stays put amid the expected personnel changes. Accuracy, sustain ability, dependability and access is enhanced.

Data-Driven Quality Management Systems Continual Business Improvement Guide (PDF)

bsi-entropy-quality-software-websiteIt is one thing achieving a standard, but another to maintain that standard. Learn key techniques for using data-driven quality management systems to detect opportunities and avoid problems. Download our Guide on How to Drive Continual Business Improvement.


As Rob Harrison, global product manager for BSI’s Entropy™, recently observed, “There are tangible benefits of a [data-driven] QMS, especially for small and medium organizations that need to closely watch the bottom line and wring maximum efficiency out of their investment. For example, a good technology-based QMS helps manage systems beyond quality. It allows easy tracking of all actions as well as the sharing of key data with internal and external stakeholders.”

Keeping Quality Mgt. Knowledge Safe and Transferrable

quality management softwareBSI Entropy™ can help smaller businesses alleviate challenges created by employee turnover. The departure of a senior manager, for instance, may cause some disruption due to the wealth of knowledge and experience that leaves the business.

Replacement and training requires extra time and resources, which means the business cannot operate at optimal efficiency. However, a good quality management system provides company transparency and centralized, shareable information, allowing businesses of any size to continue functioning with minimal disruption during employee changes. Shown above is the master task function which can preserve instructions company-wide. These tasks can be updated or reassigned as responsibilities change.

The Five Key Modules for Ultimate Management Reporting and Control

BSI Entropy™ has five different modules that welcome the incorporation of any number of disciplines into their management process in order to effectively manage risk and performance. Each module can function independently or serve in an integrated whole to meet several quality standards including ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 and more.

Why BSI Entropy™ is Right for You

Several features set BSI Entropy™ apart from the competition:

  1. Powerful configuration with scalability that promises to deliver the greatest benefit to your business.
  2. Dashboards provide asingle, complete scorecard for an at-a-glance overview that is shared among auditors, managers, and executives. It is everything you need, for the role you play.
  3. Simple navigation and information management tools for automatic document management, email notifications and reporting that reduce cost and improve efficiency.
  4. Easy access from anywhere with the web and requires little training. This means the solution can be up and running within days rather than the months or years typical for conventional software.
  5. Superior customer service with client services consultants standing by to answer your questions and make sure you are getting the most benefit from your investment by taking advantage of all relevant options.

Risk Management

The Risk Management Module allows users to identify, assess and manage a variety of risks across all business operations. This module provides consistency and comparability of all risk assessments across your business. Organizations can create and report on risk registers and analyze different risk responses to reduce or eliminate future risk. The practical applications and benefits include:

  • Analyze and report risk scores and recommend preventative actions.
  • Improve risk response with real-time risk analysis.
  • Efficiently manage risk and cut the cost of premiums, fines, penalties and loss.

Audit and Compliance Management

This module helps companies achieve and demonstrate compliance, providing the right tools that can be configured to unique needs and/or requirements. Managers gain visibility into activities so they can be confident with maximizing productivity. Users can create audit checklists, and schedule and perform audits and assessments. This module also can alert, monitor and close corrective and preventative actions (CAPA). The practical applications and benefits include:

  • Perform gap analysis for corporate procedures and standards.
  • Create checklists to manage compliance to international standards.
  • Assess ethical compliance in your supply chain.
  • Manage compliance to governance procedures, international standards, and regulatory requirements.
  • Track first, second, or third party, internal and external audits on a performance dashboard.

Knowledge Management

The Knowledge Management Module provides a variety of tasks to help run an organization efficiently. It is a single source portal for controlled documents, resources, news, events and alerts. The practical applications and benefits include:

  • Manage and assess a user’s actions and responsibilities.
  • Control and manage documents
  • Simplify the enterprise training process trough efficient notification tracking, and reporting
  • Improve overall business performance through awareness of corporate procedures and processes.
  • Create user-specific dashboards for responsibilities reporting that can instantly show the actions, tasks and documents for which each user is responsible
  • Create a space for sharing news and alerts.
  • Email alerts or use dashboard notifications to remind people of different responsibilities.

Performance Management

The Performance Management Module provides executives and senior managers with the updated performance information necessary to make important business decisions. The module allows executives to set performance indicators and metrics, analyze trends and make performance adjustments. The practical applications and benefits include:

  • Standardize data collection and reporting across all organization departments.
  • Analyze trends and make performance improvements.
  • Capture data across multiple systems to assess performance and reduce excuses for late or inadequate work.
  • Save time with automatic unit conversions and elimination of erroneous data.
  • Create live data charts and reports so that information can be constantly updated and avoid the hassle of creating new tables for every business cycle.
  • Monitor resource or energy usage.
  • Simplify performance reporting with both traffic-light performance and graphical metrics reporting.

Incident Management

The Incident Management Module monitors all incidents that impact quality and job performance. This includes workplace injuries, environmental events and security issues. This module enables users to identify, report and investigate all incidents and analyze data trends in order to reduce the number of incidents. The practical applications and benefits include:

  • Perform root cause analysis.
  • Track incidence rates, injury frequency rates and lost productivity time.
  • Meet legislative compliance.
  • Report to regulatory authorities.

Real-Time Information for Predictive Problem-Solving

quality management softwareBusinesses continually strive to improve efficiency in order to remain competitive, expand reach, and increase their ROI. Even small problems can be costly when they are compounded over time, and uncovering and addressing efficiency issues is vital to sustaining and improving productivity. BSI Entropy™ has a number of dependable, accurate tools for uncovering potential issues well before they manifest as quality concerns. Pictured above is a BSI Entropy™ ability to create real-time reporting “dashboards” which summarize status of programs by location, product/service or program element.

A Solution for Large and Small Businesses

A quality management framework powered by BSI Entropy™ has concrete benefits for large and small businesses alike. Small to mid-size businesses may find quality management software especially helpful in cutting waste and improving their margins. These systems enable data sharing among internal and external investors and track all actions performed by a business.

BSI Entropy™ also improves visibility and accountability for small to medium-sized businesses. A good quality management system turns a time-consuming and reactive process into a streamlined and proactive function: In essence, a manager doesn’t have to “nag” employees to get work completed, and employees won’t be pointing fingers to excuse a job that has gone uncompleted or has been completed incorrectly. BSI Entropy™ drives continuous improvement, identifying individual job responsibilities for each employee and enhancing task management via alerts to remind them of completion deadlines. If the work is not completed on time, notifications and escalations (as necessary) can be sent. All of this creates a spirit of accountability, timely communication, and resource efficiency.

BSI Entropy™ is a comprehensive business improvement solution for risk, compliance and performance management. This framework allows your business to continuously improve control, assurance and accountability, reduce risks and cut costs. An organized approach to quality management ultimately helps your business grow and enhances your brand’s reputation, supporting the fulfillment of your company’s mission.

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