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ISO 9001:2008 Product Realization Process

How is 7.5.1 (Control of Production and Service Provision) different from 7.1 (Planning of Product Realization)?

In 7.5.1 the requirements focus on the processes that actually create your hardware or your service that is delivered to your customers. You are required to follow the plan that you created based on requirements in 7.1.

A written procedure for this section will be useful in defining how you are meeting these requirements. By clearly documenting the way that you are satisfying the requirements of 7.5.1 you will ensure that the requirement are understood and followed consistently.

Most organizations will also need documentation in the form of work instructions to control these processes. Your planning in 7.1 will determine where these are needed; to meet the requirements of 7.5.1 these must be in place, available to employees performing the process. Instructions can take many different forms: written steps, pictures, drawings, prints, travelers or flow charts are some of the methods used. Specify in your procedure what documents are necessary for the control of your processes.

The procedure should also state how you ensure that suitable equipment is used, and how release, delivery and post-delivery activities are controlled.


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