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Introduction to ISO 9001:2008

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Use these materials to educate groups on the ISO 9001:2008 standard.

  • Tailor it to fit your audience:
    • Present to Management Team as you investigate ISO 9001
    • Educate employees as your company implements ISO certification
    • Present to customers & vendors so they understand the requirements
  • Use the quizzes to ensure they comprehend the information
  • Provide a Certificate as a record of the ISO 9000 training

The training meets Sec. 6.2.2 requirement of the ISO 9001:2008 standard:

  1. Employee Awareness - explains the Quality Management System
  2. Record of Training - The student will receive a certificate upon completion
  3. Training Effectiveness - It includes quizzes to ensure the student comprehends the information before moving onto the next section.



iso 9001 powerpoint sample
Sample Slides with speaker's notes

  • Includes Technical Support
  • The ISO 9001 Overview 60 slide PowerPoint includes detailed speaker's notes covering:
    • What is ISO 9001:2008?
    • What does a company need to do to register to ISO 9001?
    • What are the requirements?
        • Section 4 - General Requirements
        • Section 5 - Management Responsibility
        • Section 6 - Resource Management
        • Section 7 - Product Realization
        • Section 8 - Measurement, Analysis & Improvement
    • What are the next steps for ISO 9000 certification?
  • 63 Page Trainer's Guide(PDF)
    • Outline of speaker notes
    • Answer key for the quizzes
  • 21 page Student Guide
    • Copy of the slides and space for notes
    • Quizzes
  • Quizzes on the requirements
    • 2 Quizes on the requirements
    • 58 questions in total
  • Customizable Certificate
    • Space for Student and Instructor's names

Sample the ISO 9001 Overview here.

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